Birthday and Transfer day

Yesterday was my birthday!  (I turned 40, and this is probably one of the few places I will actually admit that.)

I spent the morning chasing child around and doing stuff with him before dropping him off with my parents.  We dyed easter eggs, played at the park for an hour, went to the library, and then came home and had lunch.  I was pretty tired after all of that, as child was up at 5 AM.  I was glad to drop him off at my parents!

The afternoon was all about me.  I got a mani, pedi, and eyebrows done.  Then I had a massage, which I desperately needed.  I was a mass of knots.  Hubby took me out to dinner that evening.  Then I came home and fell asleep on the couch.

Today was transfer day.

We traveled to Richmond for transfer.  No one bothered to tell us that they had not received a payment, so we had to make a quick call to FIL, who offered to pay for the cycle.  We were all a little frustrated.  But that got taken care of, and we were able to go back for the transfer procedure.  I had a very full bladder.  I really had to pee, but they needed my bladder that full to see the top of the uterus.  They thawed all 9 of the day 2 embryos they had frozen, and only 2 of those made it to day 5.  So we transferred one, and froze the other one.  (And we still have about 5 day 5 embryos from our previous IVF.)  I was sort of surprised at the toll of freezing on the embryos.  But they were day 2 pns, not blasts like the day 5s.  Maybe that makes a difference.

After the procedure, I finally got to pee on the bedpan.  I think I needed a larger pan, as I had a lot of urine to get rid of.  My back was completely wet by the time I was done.  I told them before the procedure that I really needed to pee.  Then they pressed on my bladder.  Most of my thoughts during the transfer involved not peeing on the surgeon.  I was just grateful to empty my bladder.

Fingers crossed this sticks.  It would be nice if we got lucky on the first try.  Trying to think lots of sticky thoughts.

Hoping for an Easter miracle of our own.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Blanche
    Apr 26, 2014 @ 01:54:10

    Happy belated! Sounds like an awesome way to spend the day before transfer.

    I hate bedpans but they are a lesser evil than catheters, am I right?!


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