Feeling adrift

I feel a little lost.  I guess that is fairly normal with everything I am dealing with right now.

Cat woke me up a little before 5 AM this morning, and I could not really go back to sleep.  I think I did manage to doze, but that is about it.  About 5:30 AM I just went ahead and got up.  About 15 minutes later, Child gets up.  I had a few minutes to myself, but the rest of the morning was all about the child.  Hubby is giving me a bit of a break right now, which is really nice.

Child’d school’s spring festival is today.  I volunteered to help out.  I will be setting up and helping with one of the booths.  Maybe I over volunteered, but I think I need to get my volunteer hours in.

I am considering switching to 8 hour shifts at work.  I find I hardly have any time for myself with my current schedule.  It may be easier to get the time if I work a shorter day.  I also feel like I am missing a lot of Alton’s stuff.  If I worked shorter days I may be able to spend more time with him, and go to some of his activities.

It is a beautiful day, at least.  It will be nice to have an excuse to be outside.

Still waiting on the period.  I wish it would get here, so I can finally feel like the cycle is finished and I can move on.  Hate feeling like I am in limbo.

Not sure if we will get a nap today from Child.  The school festival may get him all wound up.  Sigh.  Maybe he will have a early bedtime.  Really wish my parents were more available to spend some time with him and give Hubby and I some time together.



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