Since I am here..

I may as well post.

I have been reading up on adoption.  Hubby is rather amused by the entire thing, as he is a lot more familiar with family law, thanks to guardian ad lidem and custody stuff that he does.  I think he is more interested in the process we need to go through, some of which will be dependent on the agency.

I tried to find any adoption benefits from my work, but I think they are not friendly to adopters.  There is no formal adoption leave, though I am entitled to FMLA.  I may take some time off to bond with the child we hopefully will get.  I was also looking at finances, and I suspect that I am going to have to work full time in order to maintain our standard of living.  Otherwise, I am just working to pay for insurance.  Hopefully that will not hurt us too badly.  Both hubby and I have rather demanding jobs.  Though I have a decent day care at my work, which hopefully will be able to take the child.  If not, hubby is going to have to find somewhere which works for him.  At least it is only until they are old enough for Montessori.  Then we can drop them off at the same place.

But I may be getting ahead of myself.  We still have paperwork and home studies, and all sorts of approvals to get.  I need to remember to go one step at a time.  And two children are going to be a lot of work!



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  1. Geochick
    Mar 17, 2015 @ 21:25:17

    It is a lot! I didn’t get anything except FMLA either and yeah, we both work full time with both kids in daycare. Good luck!


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