Sad and sick

Physically sick,that is…I have a cold, so nothing too terrible.  Just enough to make me fee like crap.

Feeling sad tonight about the possibility of not having a genetic child.  Hubby may let me do the FET, but that is still up in the air.

Looking at embryo donation.  (Which is rather strange, but worth looking at I think.)  Could work for us, as Hubby does not want to go through another stimulation cycle.  But he would have to be all right with me getting pregnant again.  There is a place in Knoxsville which does it.  That is not too far away from us.  Maybe.  Though the process is similar to adoption, only with an FET and the possibility of it not working.  Through my research, I realized that people are strange about their leftover embryos.  Not sure how I feel about it yet.

Also looking at Lori’s book on open hearted adoption.  An excellent book, thanks for the recommendation!

Trying to be open to possibilities.

Oh, and back to work tomorrow after a week off with child.

Off to bed to try to get some sleep!


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