Patches started

I started estrogen patches last Thursday.  I am up to two.  I put three on tomorrow. 

Forgot how weird they can make you feel. 
Probably does not help that I have not been getting enough water.  Feeling depleted and tired, and that could just be from lack of water.   Trying to do better.

Keeping up the acupuncture.  Hopefully I can get an appointment the week of transfer.  Fingers crossed.  That would be awesome.

Applied for a LPN instructor position through a local public school system.  It is vo-tech, so maybe it will be different from a regular teaching position? 

Not even sure I want it.  I left teaching because I could not handle the BS in the school system.  I can deal with the BS with nursing a little better. 

But the hours with nursing sort of suck.  Though I do get a day off during the week and no homework.  (Except for call.).

We are doing fine with my current job and my unit is right next to ob, so if I get into trouble, I will already be there.  There is also a good day care in the hospital, and the pumping room is convenient. 

Also, I love my job.  I got to help dissect out someone’s bowel yesterday.  That was so cool!  (I fully admit that my definition of cool may be different than any one else’s.)

But I could do the teaching job.  I think.  I definitely have the background for it. And it would be easier to have summers off.  The hours are better.

Really trying to be open.

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