So far..

So good.

The cycle is paid for, consents are signed a faxed and mailed to all the right places.  Mid cycle check was good.  Continuing estrogen patches, starting PIO this weekend.  (I just need to remember to pick it up!)

Trying to stay relaxed and chill.  Easier said than done.  Work has been really busy, and call has been pretty brutal.  Fortunate not to be on call this week, but I am on call next Tuesday.  And Tuesday is busy.

On this past Tuesday, the drive back from Richmond this time was pretty awful.  It took me about 8 hours to get home.  (It usually takes me about 3.5 hours to make the trip one way.)  I think it made me feel like I did not have a day off this week.  I am pretty tired.  Hoping to get off early tomorrow, though.  Fingers crossed!  I need to schedule an appointment for a massage on transfer day.  Gotta to all the important stuff.

I am still going to the gym, and still trying to eat healthier.  I have not really been recording my food, as it is usually over, and that is rather depressing.  I really have been cutting back and trying to eat better.

Transfer day is next Friday.  Thinking I need lots of fluffy thoughts (for a good lining) and sticky vibes (for one to stick around)!

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