Well, that snuck up on me..

Apparently, according to my med schedule I start PIO injections tomorrow.  Not really expecting that so soon, but I guess it is true!

Picked up all the meds today.  I sort of consider them my “baby making supplies.”  (Because I cannot get pregnant any other way.)  Price was not too terrible, either.  All of it was under $100.  I then stole syringes from work.  They do not provide blunt syringes to draw up the meds, so I grabbed some 18 gauge needles to use.  Along with extra 25 gauges and 3 ml syringes, because you cannot have too many of those!  (Hopefully, if it works.)

I also made appointments for the lab draw I need on the morning of transfer and for a massage and pedicure later in the afternoon.  Hoping that the transfer is late morning or around midday.  Massage and pedi for a bit of pampering the day of transfer.  Fingers crossed the timing works out.



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