A little introspection

On the day before transfer.

I have not had a lot of chances to sit down and blog about how I am doing.  Between child, work, and self care I have just not had a lot of space.  But I think something is working.  I am apparently responding well to the meds, and my mid cycle check looked good.

When Hubby started the IM PIO injections, he noticed that my butt was smaller.  I think I have lost a little weight, and I am definitely more relaxed than last time.  I hope the acupuncture helped.  I have made a lot of lifestyle changes.  I feel better, and I feel a little looser, and a little lighter.

I am a little hopeful this cycle.  It could work.  I hope I have done enough to make everything comfy for the two little embryos we are transferring.  Hopefully the changes I have made affect my metabolism and make it possible for me to actually get pregnant.

I love having today off.  It worked out perfectly.  I could sleep in this morning and recover from the crappy night of call on Tuesday.  I now have a 4 day weekend to do the transfer and relax.  I worked out today, and I have a haircut scheduled for this afternoon.  I also have time to get the house ready for the pet sitter.  Massage and pedi are scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, and Hubby and I are planning a nice dinner tomorrow night.

I do not think I could have done anything else to make this go better.  I have done all that I could.

Thinking sticky thoughts and keeping fingers crossed!

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