Last night was not a good sleep night.  My parents did not get Child back to us until about midnight.  (It is a long trip from their beach.)  Also, there was a huge thunderstorm around midnight, too.

So Child got home, the storm was noisy, and the dog was whining under the bed because of the storm.  Oh, and I think the cat was yowling just because everyone was up.  Why not add a bit more fun?

Today was not the best day.  I feel really low, exacerbated because I am so tired.  Then I get a call this afternoon from my RE saying that my estrogen levels (from the lab drawn on Friday) were low.  They prescribed estrace.  But I feel like this is two days late.  I should have had this info on Friday, or even Saturday.  My brain is thinking about a failed cycle and where to go from here.  It is sort of a downward spiral.

I want this to work.  I really do.  I want these twinges I am feeling to be real, not just the progesterone.  But that may not be the case.

For right now, I need to be in the moment, and praying and hoping for a miracle.  And so I wait.  (Impatiently, of course.)

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