A little bit of a vent.

I really do not have anywhere else I can put this, and I have to get it out.

Call at work has been brutal.  It seems like every time I am on call I am at work at least half the night, and I have to work the next day.

I have been on call twice this week.

Sunday I worked 15 hours, and last night I worked all night.  By the end of the night, I had worked 40 hours already this week.  I really needed sleep.  I was done.

This morning, when the charge nurse told me she would get me out when she could, I broke down in tears.  I was so depleted that I just had no reserves left.  I felt broken.

Probably did not help that I was hormonal as well.  In a tizzy about betas and nervous about my blood draw, too.  (Which I still have not done because the lab did not have the order, but that is another story.)

But most of the people at work do not know about the FET.  I have not told them, and I am not planning on telling them anything until we see an ultrasound.

The tears worked, apparently.  It is a bit out of character to see me crying at work, and it must have freaked people out.  They were all worried about me.  I was worried about me.

The charge nurse managed to find a way to get me home, and I am extremely grateful.  I slept hard all morning.

Now off to get the blood draw.  Good news is that I found a lab that is not at the hospital and is closer to home.  Hopefully they have the order.   Hopefully my numbers will be good.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Rain
    Jul 25, 2015 @ 10:20:13

    Fingers crossed for a good beta!!


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