Another blood draw done.

Did the beta blood draw today.  I was at work, and I felt a bit more confident with the hospital’s outpatient lab.  (Hopefully they are less likely to send it off as a tumor marker. not sure what that was about.)  It was also a slow day at work so I had some time to get it done in the afternoon.

Of course, the problem with getting the blood draw in the afternoon is that I will not get the results until tomorrow.  So we wait.  At least I am off tomorrow and can deal with the results by myself.

Fingers crossed that some sleep and some water bring up the beta.  I could use a nice high number like 700-900.  I realized that I had little or no sleep the night before both betas last week, thanks to work.   I wonder if lack of sleep and dehydration could have affected the outcome.  It was just a rough week last week.

I would really like something to stick in there.  These low betas are worrying me.

Yesterday I did notice that my boobs were painful when touched.  I also got dizzy fairly easily, and my weekly grocery run wiped me out.  (But that could have been because Child was with me.)  So there are some promising signs.  I hope.

Tomorrow I scheduled a yearly exam with my OB/GYN.  I decided to keep the appointment.  Not going to hurt to get the pap and yearly exam done now.   And I can update him on what is going on with the FET.

Hopefully I will have my latest beta results by my late morning appointment, and can give him a better idea of the outcome.  Right now I still feel like it is up in the air.

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