The WTF phone call

My RE actually called me.

He said that he has no answers.  He was hoping it would take off after the initial numbers came in.  There was something trying to get going, and it just did not happen.

He did say that it was not me.  All of my numbers looked good.

I think he was disappointed, too.

We also discussed what we want to do next.  Apparently I still have two embryos left, so I cold try one more time.  And we probably will, maybe in the fall or winter.

Right now I need some time.  I am leaving for the beach on Saturday, and I am going to enjoy a beach vacation with some good friends.  And I can drink all I want!  Sounds good to me.  All of us are looking forward to some time off.

I also joined some only child/one and done groups on facebook.  I am thinking I may need to come to terms with having an only child.  There are some definite advantages.  But I still mourn the possibility of a sibling.

I am also probably going to get back into running.  I may run the Rock and Roll half in Savannah next year.  I do not want to rush the training.  I have wanted to do one of those big races.  They seem like such fun.  I think the process of training will help me work through things.  It generally does.

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