Last transfer complete!

A long day of driving, but we did it.

Apparently they were both good quality embryos, and one was even about to hatch.  Hubby looked at them under the microscope, and he said the hatching one was really big.

Having slight cramping and twinges, but all of that normal FET stuff.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Hoping something sticks.  Thinking sticky thoughts!

Child is overnighting at my parent’s house, so we can relax a bit.  (Read, get busy with it!  I have heard that it helps.  Semen is sticky, right?)  And maybe sleep in tomorrow morning.  At least a little.

Hope is increasing.  It is possible, especially with the good quality embryos.  But nothing is for sure until beta comes back positive.

Also..just happy to be out of the car.

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