Things feel strange.  I am not sure it is just the progesterone.

From the progesterone, I am fairly sure I am getting hot flashes, and my boobs are sensitive.  I also have that PMS hunger.  Though my craving is for salty this time, not sweet.  And, of course, my butt is sore from the shots.

Now I also have slight twinges.  I feel warm, which is really strange.  Usually I run cold.

My acupuncturist did not say anything at my appointment yesterday, but he seemed hopeful given all my symptoms.  He also told me to lay off the moxa, since I am warm.  It has done its job and I seem to be running warm.

I have been much more relaxed this time around.  It is going to be what it is.

Beta is Monday.  Keeping fingers crossed for some good news.


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