In between time

Right now is an in between time.  It is the week between Christmas and new year’s and not much happens.  A lot of people take the week off.  Things slow down.  It is strange but nice.

As a nurse, I do not generally get this week off, so to have Monday off after a 3 day weekend is a blessing and sort of makes me feel like I am on a break.  It is definitely a blessing to have a 4 day weekend with no call!

It is also a strange in between time with the pregnancy after FET.  I have had a lovely beta (201 at 10 days post transfer!)  And now the wait for the ultrasound.  Right now all I have is the beta number.  I do not have any pictures, no heartbeat, nothing.  Just the wait and the inevitable search of symptoms.  For me, I feel full, a little queasy at times, hot flashes, occasional dizziness, also a lot of breast tenderness.  All good things.  (The breast tenderness is off the charts, by they way.  Way more than previous unsuccessful cycles.  That is the main one I look at.  Though the nausea can get bad at times too.)  I have restrained myself from peeing on sticks to verify that I am pregnant.  I am trying to hold out for the ultrasound.  I may break down and do it eventually though.

I have an acupuncture appointment on Wednesday, so hopefully that will give me some reassurance, and chill me out a bit.


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