New Year

Hard to believe that I will start the new year creating a new life.

I was at the point where I did not think that would happen and I was beginning to be content with a family of three.

Pregnancy symptoms are unavoidable now.  I have been drinking ginger ale fairly regularly.  Thinking about trying to steep some real ginger in a tea.  I napped for about an hour in the car yesterday on our way back from in-law’s house.  And the salty cravings have been insane.  I also cannot deal with mexican and barbecue.  Do not ask why.  The thought of it makes me queasy.

This morning I cooked sausage links for breakfast.  After I cooked them, I did not want to eat them.  Fortunately, child and hubby were happy to eat the sausage.  I just had a bagel and coffee.  That is about all I could stand.

We need to get back to the gym soon.  I think Monday we will be able to get there.  Alton does like to visit with his friend there on Mondays.  Hoping it will not be too crazy with the new year.  We will see.  I think it will feel good to weight train again.

Still have not POAS.  I keep forgetting, and then I never have enough in my bladder to make it work.  Oh well.  At the the symptoms are more prominent now.  Still waiting on ultrasound in a couple weeks.

Still, an exciting way to start the new year!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Blanche
    Jan 07, 2016 @ 02:31:18

    Yay! I’ve been hoping radio silence meant good news. Happy New Year to you!!!


  2. Kristin
    Jan 08, 2016 @ 16:19:53

    Congratulations!!!!! Just saw this post. I am thrilled for you.


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