A Brighter Day

At least warmer!  It is in the sixties today, and it feels really good.  I feel a bit better about things today.  Finally got back to church.  Both Child and I were happy to go.  (Well, Child was happy afterward.  It is was a bit of a struggle getting him there.)

The message I got from the service is that I need to let go.  I have very little control over what is happening with the pregnancy.  I have to trust that things will work out the way they are supposed to.

I think it helps that I am feeling a lot better lately.  First trimester was really rough.  Second seems to be better, though I still get some nausea in the evening.  Zofran does seem to help with that, though.

I am already a lot bigger than I was with the last pregnancy.  Maternity clothes are a must right now.  I cannot fit in anything else.  Hopefully my sister will come though with some skirts for me.  I may buy a couple of basics, though.  And a maternity support belt.

I am glad things are looking up, though.  And there are signs of spring.  At least for today.


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