Our Journey in the Land of IF

1998:  Went off BCP.

2000: Diagnosed with PCOS by OB/GYN. Started on Actos. Later in the year, started seeing an endocrinologist who started me on metformin, as well.

2000-2005: TTC with temps, OPKs, and everything we can do without an RE. Moved to Tappahannock, VA in Fall 2005

Fall 2007: Finally started seeing an RE in Richmond. Diagnosed with male factor, poor sperm morphology. Three rounds of clomid. BFN. IVF consult.

Feb 2008: Moved to Roanoke, VA.

Fall 2008: Finally saw RE in Roanoke. November 2008, cycle #1 of IUI with trigger shot. BFN.

January 2009: IUI with trigger #2. BFN.

Feb 28 2009: Visit to the Wizard (Richmond RE) for IVF consult. Scheduled first IVF cycle in April.

March 2009: Started suppression for IVF #1.

April 2009. IVF #1. BFP!!! Beta on 5/7 was 125.

First ultrasound May 26! One healthy little Jellybean!

June 15: First OB appointment.

Oct 20, 2009: SVT incident. Out of work for remainder of pregnancy.

Jan 17, 2010: After 22 hours of labor and a c-section, Alton Carrick is finally here!

Jan, 22 2010: Appointment with lactation consultant associated with my pediatrician’s practice. Little Guy is gaining well and looking good.

2011:  Year of enjoying Little Guy.  No travel, just our family together.

2012:  Hoping to try for child #2?



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