I am mad and tired

I cannot put this on FB, and I need to get it off my chest. I am not even sure this will be very coherent. I apologize in advance.

I do not like our president.  I believe he is a narcissistic, misogynistic bigot.  He does not care about anyone but himself.  Russia probably controls him.  I do not trust Putin at all, and we seem to be headed toward an alliance with Russia.  Also, he is annoying many countries we trade with.  Not sure how great that will be to bring back all the jobs he promised.  There are a lot of companies that depend on imported materials. 
And he lies his head off, and then gets mad when the media call him out on it!  That is what the media is supposed to do!  But according to him, the media is biased against him. No, the media is biased against lying.  Factchecking is what they do.  I am trying to teach my 7 yo son that lying is not right, and this is what he has to look up to?  I am mad about this.

I live in a district which went to Trump.  People on my feeed are complaining about the protests.  Every election has been protested, as far as I can remember.  And the protests against Obama were very racist in nature.  And then Republicans refused to work with the president.  The people who protested know who was president, and they are not looking for a handout.  You are looking at all the people who feel like they lost their voice.  They are scared of losing their Healthcare, marriage rights, scared of increased bigotry and racism across the country.

I sense the people who voted for our president do not think beyond the now.  They do not see the possibility.  Everything they are thinking of implementing will not affect them.  It will affect someone else, but not them.  They do not understand why people marched on Saturday.

I am scared for my daughters. I am scared for my parents. 

Hoping the next four years will not be as bad as I am afraid of.  


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